Weekly Update 3/4/2019

Hello lovelies! It has been quite a few weeks for me here. Since my last update we have had 3 snow days, and 3 2-hour delays, but more importantly, THE JONAS BROTHERS RELEASED A NEW SONG. Honestly, it’s such a good song and I love how they had their significant others star in the video. Sophie Turner is my favorite and so was the army of corgis. 3/1 was the best day.

So far, I’m about 1/4 of the way through Mindhunter, and it’s checking ALL the right boxes. It’s reading like a story but it’s a nonfiction book about how the FBI came to develop a strong sense of what makes serial killers as horrific as they are. There’s a Netflix show based on the book, so if you’re one of those people who watches before you read, it’s perfect! I didn’t quite get to the Barnes and Noble bookhaul because of weather and a very busy weekend, which bummed me out once I realized that I missed it, but maybe it was all for the better since money has been a bit tight lately. Hopefully I get the job that I applied for, I’ll know by the end of the week! Fingers crossed!

Lately I’ve been struggling to fall asleep, so I took to meditating and I stumbled across the app Headspace. I’ve never been much of a meditator (is that the right word?), but Headspace makes it so easy and if you’re a college student like I am, you get premium access for $10/year which is SUCH A STEAL GUYS. It’s honestly so worth it. They have pre-exam meditations, programs to help you work through sadness, greif, anxiety, stress, and so on and such forth. If you’re struggling with any of these or are just curious about meditation in general, I highly recommend giving Headspace a look through. If you wind up checking it out, drop a comment and let me know how you feel! I love hearing from you all, it makes this so much more fun.

On my TBR pile for March so far, Michelle Obama’s Becoming, and Into the Water, along with finishing Mindhunter. Spring break is next week so thankfully I’ll have time solely devoted to reading, and I fully intend on using every bit of it to my advantage. I don’t quite think I’ve ever been more excited to have a week off of school before. Sunday 3/10 my mom and I will be in New York seeing Anastasia before it closes and I’m so excited that I cannot stop thinking about it! I’ve been wanting to see it since it opened in 2017 and I’m fully going to be in tears the entire time.

That’s all I have for this update, hopefully I’ll have more to come next Monday! Stay tuned for a post later this week dedicated to everyone’s favorite villain, Severus Snape.

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